The Story Of Princess Vasavdatta And King Udayan part two of Vasavdatta and Udayan’s love story.

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King Udayan and Princess Vasavdatta

had escaped King Pradyota’s clutches,

but troubles loomed large over them right from the beginning.

A general named Aruni launched an attack on Udayan’s kingdom

and King Udayan lost the half of his kingdom and wealth.

To win it all back,

King Udayan had to lose his dear wife Vasavdatta.

Let’s find out how and why.

Yaugandharayan, an intelligent man, was King Udayan’s loyal minister.

He wanted to help the king to regain his lost kingdom.

He suggested that the king join forces with King Darshaki of Magadh.

In those days, to forge a political alliance with another kingdom,

the rulers also had to enter into a familial relationship.

To strengthen his forces,

King Udayan would have had to marry King Darshaki’s sister Padmavati.

Yaugandharayan knew King Udayan wouldn’t marry another woman

because he loved Queen Vasavdatta a lot.

So Yaugandharayan approached Queen Vasavdatta.

Vasavdatta knew how much Udayan cared about

his kingdom and his subjects.

Together, they came up with a plan

that would help Udayan regain his lost kingdom.

The cost was, he would be separated from Vasavdatta.

Vasavdatta loved King Udayan so much

that she didn’t hesitate to carry out the plan.

Yaugandharayan started a fire in palace’s female chamber

and spread the news about his and Vasavdatta’s deaths,

while the two disguised themselves as pilgrims and reached Magadh.

They met Princess Padmavati in an ashram there.

Yaugandharayan introduced Vasavdatta as his sister Avantika

and requested Padmavati to appoint her as her lady-in-waiting.

When King Udayan heard the news of Vasavdatta’s death,

his whole world came crashing down.

He didn’t know what to mourn,

the helplessness of his subjects and his lost kingdom,

or the fact that he had lost his soulmate forever.

But for the sake of his kingdom,

with a heavy heart, he agreed to marry Princess Padmavati.

He arrived in the Magadh capital of Rajagriha as a royal guest.

Vasavdatta was now working there as Avantika,

Princess Padmavati’s lady-in-waiting as well as her dear friend.

Impressed with King Udayan’s bravery and his sense of justice,

King Darshaki got his sister Padmavati married to him.

One night, while thinking about Vasavdatta,

King Udayan tearfully drifted into a deep slumber.

Avantika approached him

and assured him that everything would be all right.

King Udayan woke up

and realised Vasavdatta had come to meet him.

As he recounted it to a manservant,

Queen Padmavati overheard their private conversation.

Padmavati also overheard Udayan say

that he was still in love with Vasavdatta and missed her dearly.

But Padvamati wasn’t upset about what she heard.

Rather, she respected Udayan’s feelings.

On the other hand, with King Darshaki’s help,

King Udayan launched attacks on his enemies

and regained his territory.

Vasavdatta’s parents visited him to congratulate him on the victory

and presented him with Vasavdatta’s portrait as a gift.

The portrait left Queen Padmavati perplexed

since Vasavdatta seemed like the mirror image of her maid Avantika.

Before things could get out of hand,

Yaugandharayan appeared before them

and requested to take his sister Avantika back with him.

King Udayan quickly caught on to the fact

that his Minister Yaugandharayan and his wife Vasavdatta were alive.

He summoned Yaugandharayan to lay out the details for him.

Yaugandharayan apologised to King Udayan

and presented Avantika, that is Vasavdatta, before him.

King Udayan was ecstatic.

He forgave his minister.

And then King Udayan ruled Kaushambi with his two wives beside him.

This story demonstrates that true love is selfless.

True love is all about giving. It never asks for anything in return.

Vasavdatta sacrificed everything for her husband’s happiness,

even his company.

King Udayan sacrificed his happiness to save his kingdom.

Queen Padmavati also kept her interests aside

to help King Udayan be with his dear Vasavdatta.

And like that, there was only one winner

and that was true love.

That’s all for today’s Epic Tales of Love.

We will come back soon with yet another interesting love story.

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