Samarat Prithviraj Chauhan & Sanyukta Love story


They say love makes people do things they would never normally do.

Princess Sanyukta loved Prithviraj Chauhan so much

that she ended up rebelling against her father, King Jaichand.

Prithviraj Chauhan loved Sanyukta so much

that he was willing to take on an army for her.

The love story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyukta

is an epic tale of sacrifice, bravery and faith.

A true Indian love story.

The couple, Prithviraj and Sanyukta were a match made in heaven.

In 1178, after his father, King Someshvara,

Prithviraj Chauhan became the king of the Chauhan dynasty.

It was believed that gods themselves had chosen him to rule the earth.

As per a belief in Hindu mythology, his partner, Sanyukta

was considered an incarnation of Goddess Tilottama.

And what sets this love story apart is

that they fell in love without even having met before.


A painter from Prithviraj’s court once visited Kannauj

to make a portrait of Sanyukta.

When the painter showed her a portrait of the king,

Sanyukta straight away decided to marry Prithviraj, and only him.

After returning to Delhi,

the painter showed Prithviraj Sanyukta’s portrait.

Prithviraj was also left spellbound by Sanyukta’s beauty.

They say that it was Sanyukta who made the first move

by sending Prithviraj a love letter.

But like it exists in every traditional love story,

there was a villain in this story too.

Sanyukta’s father, King Jaichand.

Jaichand was a maternal cousin of Prithviraj Chauhan,

who was envious of Prithviraj.

Jaichand fancied himself a better king than Prithviraj.

Soon after finding out about Sanyukta and Prithviraj,

he announced his intentions to get his daughter married.

A grand ‘svayamvara’ was arranged.

Invitations were sent out to every significant kingdom across Bharat.

Jaichand commissioned Prithviraj’s statue

that he wanted to be stationed at the gates during the ‘svayamvara’.

But on the day, Sanyukta rejected every prospective groom,

and garlanded Prithviraj’s statue.

Maybe it was Sanyukta’s boldness

that made fortune smile upon her.

One day, Sanyukta visited the Jeenmata temple with her friends.

They noticed a huge crowd at the temple.

After asking around, Sanyukta found out

that people had swarmed the place to see Prithviraj Chauhan

who had come to pay respects at the temple.

Running along the banks of the river Ganga,

Sanyukta reached the temple.

Then she stood before Prithviraj Chauhan.

Prithviraj recognised her right away.

But before he could say anything,

soldiers accompanying Sanyukta went on an alert.

Prithviraj thundered, “I shall not leave without Sanyukta.”

Prithviraj’s soldiers fought bravely to protect the lovers.

And as promised, Prithviraj went back with Sanyukta.

The two built a beautiful life together.

For the first time, Prithviraj found himself at leisure.

He was changing, and it showed.

He distanced himself from state affairs

and spent more and more time with Sanyukta.

Putting sword-fighting and battles behind him,

he started taking more interest in music and arts.

When they were apart,

Sanyukta would write letters to Prithviraj,

expressing her wish to spend time with him.

The moments she had spent with Prithviraj were more precious

to her than the years she had spent in her parents’ home.

But one cursed night, their dream shattered.

When Prithviraj was asleep, some men breached the castle walls

and attacked the couple.

Prithviraj quickly overpowered the intruders,

but not before they managed to fatally attack Sanyukta.

The attack was ordered by Jaichand.

A few weeks later,

Jaichand joined hands with Prithviraj’s enemy, Muhammad Ghuri,

to attack his capital.

Prithviraj had previously defeated Ghuri sixteen times.

However, Sanyukta’s death had left him listless.

Muhammad Ghuri defeated him easily.

Losing his kingdom

didn’t sadden him as much as his wife’s passing did.

They say he mourned her loss until his last breath.

Prithviraj and Sanyukta’s love story didn’t have a happy ending,

but their journey was courageous and beautiful.

Jaichand tried his best to destroy their love.

But Poet Chand Bardai, a friend of Prithviraj,

and Jayanak kept the love story alive

and made it timeless.

‘Prithviraj Raso’

Jahangir and Mehr-un-Nissa’s story was anything but conventional.

The Mughal king had many wives,

but after meeting Nur Jahan, he never spoke of another woman.

With Jahangir’s support,

Nur Jahan became the most powerful queen of the Mughal empire.

It was Jahangir who made Mehr-un-Nissa, Nur Jahan.

And Nur Jahan always cherished Jahangir’s love and trust.

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