The Story of Rama And Sita Love and War


a long time ago there lived a prince called rama his kingdom was kosala and the capital city was called ayodhya rama had three brothers

one of them was called lakshman when he grew up rama married the most beautiful princess named sita by trickery rama was sent to exile into the forest for 14 years sita loved rama so much that she went with him as well she wanted to be with rama even if she had to be poor before going she gave away all her

golden jewelry and her beautiful dresses lakshman also decided to leave the palace and to go with rama and sita while in the forest the wicked demon king ravana kidnapped sita ravana placed sita on his magical flying chariot

he flew across the sea to his city called lanka rama was very upset but lakshmana helped his brother to be brave together they searched for sita but couldn’t find her anywhere then the two brothers met a monkey warrior called hanuman he was very strong and could jump huge huge distances hanuman collected an army of beers and monkeys and they looked for sita all over the india

on the south coast a vulture told hanuman that he has seen ravana’s chariot flying through the sky towards lanka and one climbed a mountain and jumped all the way to the island here he found sita whipping beneath a tree she was very sad missing rama and one was spotted by ravana’s soldiers who chased and captured him the evil king set fire to the monkey’s tail but hanuman

escaped and jumping everywhere burned the lanka to the ground aneman jumped all the way back to rama on the other side of the ocean he gave rama the good news that he had found sita the joyful monkeys waved their tails they picked up stones and boulders and wrote rama rama on them before throwing them in the ocean miraculously the stones floated making a breeze all the way to lanka

the monkey army marched over the bridge upon reaching lanka they fought with ravana’s soldiers who were very ugly and ferocious and had sharp swords spears and axes the monkeys threw stones and trees they defeated ravana’s army

in the end rama shot a special arrow at ravana and killed him rama and sita returned to ayodhya lakshman and haneman and the army of monkeys marched with them as well it was the night of the new moon so it was pitch dark therefore to light up the way the citizens decorated the road and their houses with millions of lamps called diaz rama ruled for thousands of years while he was a king everyone was peaceful and contented

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