Napoleon and Josephine love stories


she was the daughter of joseph gaspar

tachay and her mother was rose claire

the little town of san pierre martinique

was her birthplace

she would wait upon arrival in france

yet her husband was executed under the

reign of terror

the lady then imprisoned was lucky to

escape with her own life

at this point she would meet a young

military man clearly on the way up a

romance began that would lead to

marriage and a lifelong passionate love

between the two

we’ll now look at the extraordinary life

and times of napoleon and josephine

except for one instance josephine’s

childhood was largely uneventful

she and a group of friends escaped from

school one day and whilst they were

walking through the gardens they came

across an older woman who wanted to read

their futures

immediately after spotting josephine’s

hand the woman threw herself at the

young girl and exclaimed madame you will

be greater than a queen even though

josephine laughed at the moment she

never forgot the woman’s prophecy but it

was one she lived to witness come true

she visited france with her father when

she was 17.

a political figure at the time alexandra

buanahe became a husband

it is stated that when he asked her to

be his wife she laughed and responded

how can i in the end i am going to be

even more powerful than the queen

despite this the marriage went ahead and

they had two children

eugene the family’s eldest child would

go on to succeed in life

hortense was their daughter and she

would eventually become queen of poland

napoleon adopted these children later in

life and believed to be very fond of


but after his catastrophic russian

campaign he said that eugene was the

only member of his staff who had not

committed a terrible blunder of some


josephine’s family remained unnoticed in

paris during the turbulent days

following the monarchy’s demise

then because of their devotion to the

king they were imprisoned and a husband

became one of the final victims of the

reign of terror he died at the

guillotine just four days before rob’s

beer was toppled

in the women’s wing of the prison

josephine away to the fate identical to

her husband’s

she was so close to being executed and

the jailer came and took her bed telling

her firmly that she wouldn’t need it

after tomorrow

however the unexpected often occurs and in this instance it did

the following morning she was free to return to her children

freedom was good but now she was a widow

and had no means of support in the meantime young bonaparte was

becoming a prominent figure in parisian

society it was the case that the young men in particular dominated the closing

days of the french revolution

and even though he was no more than 26

years old the french army had promoted

him to general

one day a small boy approached general

bonaparte and asked for the restoration

of his father’s sword which had been taken from him while he was imprisoned

as soon as the boy asked for it it was


when the general put the sword in his hands the boy burst into tears and

kissed it

much to napoleon’s amazement

he was moved by the boy’s tears and inquired about the well-being of his


the next day the boy’s mother visited

napoleon to thank him for the friendly

greeting he had given her son it was on this occasion napoleon first set his

eyes upon josephine whom he described as

of all the women i have ever known the

one who enchanted me most and whom i most tenderly loved

according to one of his companions who

shared his exile he rarely spoke of her but one day when he was overcome with

nostalgia he said

dear josephine she was the most

endearing woman i’d ever met she was the absolute master of the art of pleasing

which so few women possess

she was always available whenever i needed her she never asked for favors

from me on behalf of her children

throughout her life and she never once

upset me

to be my angel was her only goal and she accomplished it

josephine won the hearts of the people but i won the kingdoms and she’d gladly

have gone with me on my exile

when he said these words the emperor

couldn’t forget that the days with

josephine were the days of his greatest splendor or that his star only began to wane from

the day he sent her from him after seeing josephine for the first

time bonaparte would not let this woman

would enthralled him escape

although she rejected him he went out of his way to find and pursue her with all

of his might

josephine was raised in aristocratic

circles and protected by the king as a


as to whether or not she should wed this lively young republican she couldn’t make a decision

she could not reciprocate the affection he poured on her at this point

however bonaparte persisted and eventually confirmed the marriage yet

just three days later he yelled through the door to her that he was on his way

to italy and for the

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