Romeo and Juliet love story


The story takes place in the city of Verona.

In this, city there were two nobles.

One family was called Capulet and the other family was called Montague.

There was very strong revenge and hatred between these families.

Romeo was a young member of the Montague family.

He was in love with a young woman named Rosaline.

But she did not like him.

One day the Capulet family arranged a very big party.

but the Montague family was not invited.

Romeo met a servant of the Capulet family

who was walking around with its invitations and knew who the invitees were.

When he saw Rosmin’s name, Romeo decided to join the celebration.

Romeo and his friend Benvolio decided to wear masks to the festivities.

Romeo and Benvolio were accompanied by another friend, Mercutio.

They were greeted by Lord Capulet, who wore an unidentified mask.

Lord Capulet never intended that these were members of his enemy family.

Romeo was fascinated by her beauty and to meet another beautiful young woman

During the commotion, Tybalt (son-in-law of Capulet)overheard his conversation with Romeo.

Tybalt learned from him that Romeo belonged to the Montague family.

Although Tablet felt terrible anger and revenge

Lord Capulet rebuked him for not cause that the celebration would not be disrupted.

Tybalt was also waiting for the opportunity to take his revenge.

Romeo did not understand the information that Tybalt himself had identified.

So Romeo, who was in a hurry to find the new girl, finally found her.

It was none other than Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capulet.

Romeo is in deep despair.

Juliet had the same experience.

Juliet was saddened to learn that the young man,

was a member of their enemy’s family.

Romeo did not feel to go home or rest.

All the guests returned and the celebrations also stopped.

Midnight time. It is absolute silence.

The workers are resting with the exhaustion of celebration.

This time Romeo jumped over the wall and went to the bottom of Juliet’s closet.

He shook her hand a couple of times to inform Juliet.

Luckily Juliet appeared near the window and recognized Romeo.

In a very low voice, Romeo said everything he had to say to Juliet in one breath.

He said that he was unfortunate to be a member of an enemy family

and that his love was not diminished.

he was willing to risk his life for Juliet.

Romeo returned when Juliet told him that he had sent a message in the morning. Gone.

Romeo did not feel to go home or rest.

Instead, he needed an expert and intelligent counselor.

So Romeo went to see a priest named Lawrence.

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